Lense Lovers offers a unique photography style. We do weddings, birthday parties, commercial , model portfolios and the list goes on and on. Our mission statement it’s what drives our passion for excellence. As we cherish your best memories coated with a touch of excellence, we take our creativity to another level leaving a client not just satisfied but enthusiastically happy.

When you hire us for your wedding we don’t charge per hour , we charge you for our services we offer. However it works differently when it comes to home photoshoot, private, personal photo shoot, those we work with time for we want to achieve excellence and descipline of time.

Things we can do for you

We however offer make up services for , models families whoever wants a photoshoot, of course with a charge but whatever suits you the best, it’s best for us too. We offer advise on what to wear, for models according to the their theme choice occasions, and events.

We also offer to advertise your events on our social media accounts and on our sites which can get you as many people knowing about your event that is if you want more people knowing about it. We always ask our clients if they want us to use their photos on our accounts and websites for we value them that much.

We also offer sound for events and also the soundman who can get you any music you like to be played. For weddings if you want we also can recommend  choreographers we work with to help you if you need one as part of our services.

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